The program of the Continental Referee Course

JJEU referee committee invites several referees for the Continental Duo System Referee course which will be held during the European CUP Duo System in The Netherlands.

The program of the Continental Referee Course is as follows:
JJEU will provide an experienced team of teachers for the theoretical and practical parts of the course. The instructors will be mister Michael Korn (Senior Vice President JJEU) and mister Hans Snijder (World-A referee and member of the Dutch referee board).

During the practical part of the course the candidates will be judging several Duo System practice matches, performed by experienced candidates. After being prepared theoretically and practically the examinees will do their theoretical exam. The practical exam will be done during the European Cup Duo System.

The registration form for the referee examinees, has to be filled out by the invited referees and send to and before deadline 3rd of June 2018.

Please note that the schedule is provisional and may be amended by decision of JJEU. In such event, it will be published on the official JJEU website.
All practical course work will be done in Gi.

Premiminary schedule european cup Duo Sytem Referee Course

Friday 22 June / 10.00 – 12.00 / Theory (2 hrs) 
Friday 22 June / 13.00 – 16.00 / Practise (3 hrs) 
Friday 22 June / 18.00 – 19.00 / Theory exam 
Saturday 23 June / Competition venue /  09.00 – 17.00 (Practical exam)

Michael Korn (Senior Vice President JJEU)
Hans Snijder (World-A referee and member of the Dutch referee board)

Referees for European Cup

Each country should provide minimum 1 referee for up to 10 participants, 2 for up to 20 participants, and 3 for 21 participants and more. An € 800 fee will be requested for not having the right number of referees and collected by the JJEU organisation on the spot (conditioned for participation before the draw).


Referees should attend the briefing meeting on 23th of june at 08:00 AM.

Neither the organising committee nor the JJEU will be responsible for not respecting this obligation! However, if there won’t be enough referees for the competition to take place in good conditions, JJEU may decide to complement the pool of referees with national referees of the organising federation – decided by JJEU Referee Committee.