Staff members

During the Europeancup Ju-Jitsu Duo-Games there is a special team of helpful volunteers to make this event a great success for you.

The Project Team and Support Team are managed by the Core Team members: 
Robert Takken (Tournament Director);

Judith Takken (Program Manager);
Shanon Kroon-Takken (Overall Support).

Project Team

Richard de Wit
Content & Marketing

Esther Lute
Hospitality/Text Translation

Pieter Ratten
Sound & Light Manager

Rene Lenting
Music Composer

Klaas-Jan Weel
Support Sound & Light

Marcel Kouwenberg

Mirjam Roelandschap
Coach Direction SSD

Roel Braaksma
Logistic & Transportation

Bart Beek
Program Presentation


Klaas Slot
Emea & National Relations

Bert Bras
Content and Marketing

Mark Beentjes
Competition & Light direction