Foreword by the organisation

We are proud organizing the third edition of European Open Duo Games. Last year’s edition received the very high approval rating from the athletes/supporters/coaches and referees. This approval rating pleases us a lot and also shows that this contest form has a large amenity value.

Ju-Jitsu Duo Games is a great technical comparative contest form and is registered as a fully and autonomous event on the European contest calendar. Furthermore it is an event with a large strength of binding elements and many innovations.

One of the binding elements at this European Open, is the performance of live musicians. They are composing their music especially for the Duo Games. Another binding aspect is the support from the municipality Medemblik, hence also the community is involved.

We have an incredible team of volunteers who contribute to a sportive, sensational, welcoming and swirling event for young and old. Business community is also well visible as the moral code of budo is also well applicable for many organisations.

We are honestly really proud on our great team of more than 50 volunteers who put, full of passion, a High Standard event in 2018 and 2019. We are taking a deep bow for these fantastic people, they will again realize a day with Topsport which will be one to remember. The number of participating top duo’s has grown from 65 to over 90 duo’s, making it the largest duo games event in Europe!

We will also establish a link to our fight against cancer. Normally a part of the registration fee is intended for Kika, but this time we choose for an active support of the foundation Miranda Mania. From this foundation a lot of money has raised for cancer research the past years.

In short, the European Open Ju-Jitsu is not just an event, it’s priceless!

Marcel Kouwenberg
Managing Director Medmblik European Open Duo Games Ju-Jitsu


Robert Takken 
Managing Director European Cup Ju-Jitsu


Foreword Council member of the municipality Medemblik

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as Ju-Jitsu enthusiast to the Medemblik European Open Duo Games 2020 in the municipality Medemblik. What a thrill that this wonderful event will be organised for the second time in our municipality. I am really proud that this will also be the fact for next year.

The European Open is one of many top sports that take place in Medemblik. Besides Ju-Jitsu, we are happy to also be host of international sailing events (as Medemblik Regatta) and handball, rollerblading, skating and dozens of individual top sport events. Medemblik is top sport!

Besides top sport, also amateur sport is really important. Because everybody has the right to grow up healthy. For this reason, top sport and his heroes are the source of inspiration to be engaged.

I would like to invite you to enjoy sports, but also enjoy all the beautiful things Medemblik has to offer. Medemblik is well-known by its cosy harbours and the beautiful historical centre with many houses and building from the 16th and 17th century.

I wish you good luck and fun!

Joset Fit
Alderman of Sport of Municipality Medemblik


Foreword by the JBN

Dear Sports Friends!

It gives me great pleasure to invite you for the our third continental championship Medemblik European Open in DUO system, the DUO games. 2020 is a year of a lot of new activities in Europa, this European Open in DUO is one of them.

I hope that positive approach, patience and good governance will improve the conditions for our athletes and further recognition of their achievements in the future. The championship will take place in Wognum.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank the team of Budoschool Shi-Sen-Do from Opperdoes and other supporters, sponsors for their support. It is always nice to witness the amount of understanding of importance of sports beyond the promotional level – the effect on education and building friendship. My compliments to Budoschool Takken/Shi-Sen-Do and their team for their professional approach, effective response, love and enthusiasm they have invested in ju-jitsu and, in particular, in the DUO systems for the European Open in DUO systems 2018-2019-2020-2021.

We wish you a pleasant stay and please remember that winning is nice, but being part of a Medemblik European Open is a reward in itself. Be proud of yourself, be proud to be part of the ju-jitsu world.

We welcome you to Medemblik!

Rick Frowyn
Boardmember Dutch Judo Federation
General Secretary JJEU