This website contains all the content of the first edition from 23 June 2018.
All new texts and images (for example registration and further details) will be updated starting from the 25th of january.
You ‘ll find from that date on this website all the information for the second edition on 6 April 2019!

New: the European Cup in Medemblik!

June 23 is a great sporting event in Medemblik (The Netherlands). Focused on Duo Games. Do not miss it! It is a special tournament with a lot of music, lectures, demonstrations, workshops and charities. See for yourself what happens…

The place of action!

Wognum, belonging to the municipality of Medemblik, is the place of the tournament. In an ultra-modern sports hall, an European competition takes place between 9 am and 5 pm. Meet the best European top athletes.

All information in one PDF!

This PDF document contains all information you want to know about the Europeancup. For example: registration and payment, venue, hotels, transport, categories, referees, rules,  regulations, passport & visa and much more.